The Balloon Diary

The Balloon Diary
kate spade new york shearling jacket in warm caramel/cream. kate spade new york cameron street byrdie in black.
Before, Anna organized parties for other people. One morning, she found this kind of silly: why wouldn’t I just organize my own happiness? Without a second thought, she left the surfing beaches of Sydney to move to Paris. She didn’t know a single word of French but she did have a huge pink balloon, with which she walked everywhere. It was her way of approaching Parisians: with surprise, sweetness, and playfulness. Now, the boulevards of Paris have gotten used to her right-out-of-a-Pixar-film appearance.

Her only rule? Never have a plan and let yourself be swept away by Paris. She has a memory in every nook of every street and shares the most beautiful of those recollections with us. Follow her for a poetic and pleasant journey, much as if you were a big pink balloon.
  • Palais Royal

    Royal Play Area
    The Balloon Diary, otherwise known as Anna, sometimes finds herself on the Colonnes de Büren [Columns of Büren], where she’s tempted to jump from one to the other...An excellent way to remind oneself that it’s sometimes best to just play. No hidden agenda, no calculation. Just play. And for us, it’s best not to tantalize us for too long: download the Tapage app, as some typically Parisian pigeons come visit you in the middle of the columns.

    Download the Tapage app
    8 Rue de Montpensier
    75001 Paris
    01 47 03 92 16
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  • Maison de Gainsbourg

    Enjoy the ride
    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, ‘Wow! What a ride!’”
    The Proud Highway, Hunter S Thompson.
    This is Anna’s favorite quote and it could easily have been Gainsbourg’s as well. Enough said. Especially when you see the facade of his house in the 7th arrondissement. Thanks to the Tappage app, open the door. And go inside...

    The Tappage app will slip you the key
    bis 5 Rue de Verneuil
    75006 Paris
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  • La maison rose

    The Little Pink House
    When she arrived in Paris, Anna didn’t have a lot of things: language, friends, points of reference. So, she walked. She remembers having climbed all of the streets on Montmartre’s peaks when she bumped into Maison Rose [Pink House], at number 2 of the rue de l’Abreuvoir. It’s here that she fell in love with Paris and promised herself that she would never leave. The magic is still alive, just for you: a surprise awaits you in front of Maison Rose if you download the Tapage app.

    Find out what it is when you download the Tapage app
    2 Rue de l'Abreuvoir
    75018 Paris
    01 42 57 66 75
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  • Librairie Galignani

    The Bookstore of Your Dreams
    Under the Rivoli arches, the Galignani home has kept watch over the Tuileries garden...for 200 years. With its cinematic setting, the libraries next to it feel absolutely minuscule in comparison. A ramble here feels like uncovering an entirely new world. Anna spends hours here, browsing through old titles, sailing through the pages and dreaming between the lines. Borges once wrote, “I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library” and that’s as good a definition as any for this wondrous place.
    224 Rue de Rivoli
    75001 Paris
    01 42 60 76 07
  • Mur des je t’aime

    First Pleasures
    For those of us who live in Paris, we sometimes forget the excitement of our first days in the capital. So when Anna told us that her favorite work of art was the Wall of I Love Yous near Abbesses, we gently snickered. It’s so touristy! But in the end, when we passed in front of it again and saw the onlookers going into raptures every time they found I love you in their language, we were genuinely moved by the little square’s joy and magic. Thank you Paris.
    Square Jehan Rictus
    Place des Abesses
    75018 Paris
    06 77 06 81 38
  • Hôtel Grand Amour

    French Lesson
    After L’Amour [Love] in the 9th, we find le Grand Amour [Big Love] in the 10th, on rue de la Fidélité. Coincidence? We think not. Its interior hides one of the most elegant terraces in all of Paris and Anna always sits at the same table, orders a latte with a plump croissant, and then amuses herself by analyzing the conversations of her neighbors. This is the soundtrack to her film, People Talking French. Tagline: C’est la vie. Title: An Australian in Paris.  
    18 Rue de la Fidélité
    75010 Paris
    01 44 16 03 30
  • kate spade new york

    The squatter in New York's dressing rooms
    Anna is never without her phone. Why? kate spade new york has created a surprise just for you on your screen. Swing by 418 rue Saint Honoré to see the bottles sparkle, in the window display and on the card that you’ll be offered inside.
    418 Rue Saint Honoré
    75008 Paris
    01 47 03 92 16
    Launch yourself into this augmented reality experience
    A gift from kate spade new york awaits you
    Welcome Gift !
    To celebrate her Paris debut, kate spade new york has set aside a small gift for all Parisians: come quick to the boutique, share your AR experience on instagram with #katespadejoy to get yours! Need a clue? It’s small, it clings to bags and hats, and it provides a very New York look...
  • Bambou

    The Chatty Restaurant
    Think of a Thai restaurant. Imagine its menu, its interior design, its plates. Are you seeing it? Now, erase all of that and make room for Bambou. This is Anna’s favorite restaurant and we completely understand why. The menu is as carefully conceived and designed as the interior: the cages at the entrance come from China, the walls are covered with travel souvenirs, the smoking room is well worth a look, even if you don’t smoke...And that’s not even taking into account the cocktail bar and the poolroom. This Thai restaurant has so many things it wants to talk to you about.
    23 Rue des Jeuneurs
    75002 Paris
    01 40 28 98 30
  • Maison Deyrolle

    The Parisian Bestiary
    This is a much-visited location: Dali, Breton, and Buffet brought their paintbrushes and their pencils here. And now, it’s Anna’s turn to walk in their steps. Welcome to Maison Deyrolle, Paris’s most legendary cabinet of wonders. Under cover of a beautiful private mansion in St. Germain, the bestiary of Deyrolle waits for the curious. Shells, gazelles, wild cats, elephants, giraffes, bears, alligators...This is the ideal spot for a truly wild afternoon.
    46 Rue du Bac
    75007 Paris
    01 42 22 30 07

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Picto - Palais Royal Picto - Palais Royal
Picto - Maison de Gainsbourg Picto - Maison de Gainsbourg
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Picto - Bambou Picto - Bambou
Picto - Maison Deyrolle Picto - Maison Deyrolle